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  • My Breastpump Breast Milk Storage Bags

    Pumping Accessory

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    They are everything that you need in a breast milk storage bag! These bags are designed to save you freezer space and help you build up your milk stash.

    Each box comes with 30 x 250ml breast milk storage bags.


    Features of the My Breastpump breast milk storage bags: 

    • Medical Grade Pre-Sterilization
    • Leak-proof and tamper-proof double zip lock seal
    • Convenient spout pour design
    • Self-standing base
    • Freezer safe
    • 100% BPA free
    • FDA approved 
    • Extra-large for maximum milk storage - 250ml bags

    Things to remember: 

    Wash hands thoroughly before expressing. 

    Do not fill breast milk higher than the maximum scale mark before freezing. 

    Thaw frozen breast milk in warm water - DO NOT thaw in boiling water or the microwave.