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  • A Year in Review for the Legendairy Littles

    I would like to thank every single Legendairy Milk customer for their ongoing support of the Legendairy Littles program. Each month I have the honor to hear several stories of medically complex children who are showing their strength in their unique battles. Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories with me this past year. Since starting this program in April 2017, I have heard from 48 families and have had the amazing honor to help twelve families raise awareness for various medical conditions as well as give them a monetary donation to help in their journey. In honor of our first anniversary, I would love to share an update with you about some of the Littles who have been recognized through the first year. 

    ~ Legendairy Libby

    April - Zach 

    Zach will turn three in July and has Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (F-PIES) as well as other autoimmune conditions. The donation from Legendairy Milk helped purchase his first order of beef. His family is forever appreciative of the help that Legendairy Milk has given so that he could eat his first food at 20 months old. Zach can now safely eat four foods, drink one water, and one formula. He is a silly little guy who adores his older sister and continues to try foods and pray that he will soon have five foods that he can safely eat. 


    May - Vivian 

    Vivian’s family would like to thank Legendairy Milk’s customers for their support. The Legendairy Little donation was able to help the family with travel and food expenses when going to and from the hospital. 

    June – Bellamy

    Bellamy is 15 months old, crawling, and doing amazing and celebrated her first “butt day” in October. This was a huge milestone being her first anniversary since her fetal surgery. Bellamy is currently working with a food therapist to become a more efficient eater. The Legendairy Little donation was able to help Bellamy’s family stay at a hotel and pay for food and gas at her Spina Bifida appointments without added financial worries. If you would like to continue to follow Bellamy’s progress, her family has set up a Facebook where milestones and updates are posted: Blessed with Bellamy. 

    July - Brandon

    Brandon was able to receive Botox injections with the donation from Legendairy Milk. Prior to the injections Brandon did not have use of his right hand. After the injections, he has been able to gain use of his right hand and can even hold items with that hand now! Brandon is nonverbal as a result from his stroke, but he is making amazing progress and finding ways to communicate with the world including the use of an iPad at school. 


    August – Elijah

    Elijah is now 8 months post of from his Cranial Vault Reconstruction surgery and he has been given the best case scenario for his recovery! He is doing phenomenal and is meeting most of his developmental milestones. The Legendairy Littles donation helped Elijah’s family to be able to concentrate on Elijah and not worry as much about his medical bills. Elijah enjoys playing with his older brother and having fun adventures! His scar on his head is permanent, but his family sees it as a wonderful sign of Elijah’s strength. 

    September – Izzy

    Izzy had her second heart surgery in December and is doing great! Her surgeons anticipate that she will get to wait until she is 4-6 years old before she will have her congenital scoliosis surgery. Right now her family is enjoying their beautiful girl! 

    January – Farah

    Farah turned one at the end of January and all of her extended family was able to attend her birthday party. She had a recent stay in the ICU due to a nasty virus, but she is a strong little lady who is fighting hard to get back home. The Legendairy Littles donation helped Farah’s family with added expenses after her gtube surgery so they could focus on celebrating her first birthday. Farah continues to amaze her family each and every day.


    February - Noah

    Noah is doing amazing at 10 pounds and is loving getting to visit the beach! His family was able to use the Legendairy Little donation to help with travel expenses for his appointments and daily supplies to continue to care for him. 


    March - Jillian

    Jillian was born full term and no known issues prior to birth, yet spent 355 days in the hospital after she was born. As soon as she was born it was noticed that she was in respiratory failure. It was a struggle to determine what was causing her these problems. 
    There are over 200 different diagnosed types of dwarfism with approximately 70% of cases diagnosed as achondroplasia. Jillian is an amazing 2 years and four months old who is one of 33 individuals worldwide with a rare form of dwarfism called SEMDJL2. She is also one of the two people to have both SEMDJL2 and Hydrocephalus. Jillian has had 10 surgeries in her life ranging from a heart catheter to multiple brain surgeries. She has also been put under general anesthesia multiple times to conduct routine tests. She receives many forms of care 24 hours a day and frequently visits doctors a few hours away from her house. Despite any challenges that come her way, Jillian has such a great spirit, is a sunshine loving silly girl with a lot of sass. She enjoys a snack of pudding cups and spending time with her family. 
    During the month of March, a portion of all purchases will go to help Jillian’s family with travel costs associated with an upcoming surgery.


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