Meet the SA Team – Legendairy Milk South Africa
  • meet the sa team

    Robyn de Veer, co-owner of Legendairy Milk SA, had a similar experience to Luna. She was so committed to giving her baby the best start to a healthy life, but she felt like she couldn’t maintain an adequate supply on a regular basis. Desperate to find something to support her breastfeeding journey, Robyn came across Legendairy Milk online.

    She was fascinated with this product as there was nothing that could provide her with the natural support she was looking for in South Africa. She took a chance and imported her own little stash of Legendairy Milk products.

    Robyn was so impressed with the results that she decided to, in conjunction with her dietician, Monique Bailey bring Legendairy Milk home. Monique has 16 years of experience in dietetics practice and 4 of her own children, which made them the perfect fit. Monique has always had a passion for breastfeeding as it is the most fundamental building block for a child’s development; and can help prevent so many of the lifestyle disorders she sees daily.

    Our resident lactation specialist and dietician is Elna Erasmus. Elna is determined to help all moms reach their breastfeeding goals. She handles our social media pages and answers all your questions based on her solid background of lactation and feeding.

    This team has a vision of improving South Africa’s shocking breastfeeding statistics and Legendairy Milk is a fantastic, natural tool to support their cause.