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  • Meet This Month's Legendairy Little, Olivia

    Each month we donate a portion of our profits to a child with medical needs through the Legendairy Littles program. The month of July we have selected Olivia who has an undetermined neuromuscular disorder. 

    Having a neuromuscular disorder can look different for each patient and can encompass many different diseases and ailments that impact the functioning of muscles or the direct nervous system that controls the muscles. The cause and treatment can vary greatly depending on which neuromuscular disorder an individual has.  Olivia was born February 14, 2018 with her umbilical cord severed at her belly. Because of this, she was rushed to the NICU to receive stitches and have a breather tube placed. It was in the NICU that doctors noticed she was not moving on her own, including being able to eat or breathe. The family was told a neuromuscular disorder would describe what Olivia was experiencing, but doctors were unable to pinpoint which one. She spent two months in the NICU and an additional two months in the PICU before being able to go home. During her first few months of life, she has had to have a tracheostomy, however shortly after surgery her lungs collapsed and had to be “re inflated”. She also had to have a gtube placed to assist with feedings and two biopsies. 

    Olivia is now five months old and at home and depending on her parents to provide care. She is medically fragile and has little to no movement of her body. She attends physiotherapy where she is learning to wiggle her fingers and toes. She has a glow of life in her eyes and is a happy little fighter who is always surprising her family at the improvements she is trying to make. The Legendairy Littles donation will help the family purchase medical supplies and equipment that Olivia needs to help her continue to move and play.

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