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  • Meet this month's Legendairy Little, Brandon

    Each month, one family with a medically complex baby or child will be selected to receive a portion of the profits from Legendairy Milk as part of the Legendairy Littles program. 

    The month of July we have selected to focus on Pediatric Strokes. According to the National Stroke Association, strokes are among the top ten causes of death in children.  Children have the greatest risk of a stroke in the first year of life and right before or right after birth. Strokes happen in 1 out of every 4,000 live births. Risk factors in children may include heart defects, sickle-cell disease, head or neck trauma, maternal history of infertility, premature rupture of membrane during pregnancy and pregnancy related high blood pressure in mother. Although children tend to recover better from strokes than adults, children can still experience permanent complications such as seizures and vision problems. Unfortunately the treatment for pediatric stroke is not as clear cut as with adults as medication is not approved for children. Early intervention is key to allowing children to have the best opportunity to recover and overcome any additional challenges. 

    At only a few days old, Brandon was diagnosed with a stroke that doctors believed happened during his delivery.  At that time, Brandon’s family was told by doctors many of the normal things he would never do.  Today Brandon is an amazing six year old and working hard to beat the odds! Because of his stroke, he has secondary cerebral palsy and autism. Brandon began physical, occupational, and speech therapy when he was only a month old and is still doing all three in addition to school.  Brandon is learning ASL to help him communicate and wears bilateral leg braces to help him walk because he has trouble with the right side of his body.  Although Brandon faces many daily challenges, his family is so proud of everything that he has accomplished despite what doctors said when he was an infant. 

    During the month of July, a portion of Legendairy Milk’s profits will be donated to Brandon’s family to assist in getting Brandon Botox treatments to help with his muscle spasms. If you would like to nominate your family for the Legendairy Littles program, please email us at 

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