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  • How to Get More Letdowns & Maximize Your Milk Output

    How to Get More Letdowns and Maximize Your Pump Output:⁣

    1. Ensure that you're using the optimal flange size. The best flange fit should maximize your milk output without causing pain or discomfort. 
    2. Start your pump in stimulation mode (fast speed, lower suction) until a letdown is triggered. Then switch to expression mode (slower speed, higher suction) while the milk is flowing and increase to your maximum COMFORTABLE suction level -- this varies for each person. ⁣
    3. Apply warm compresses to your breasts, back and shoulders for about 5-10 minutes before pumping. You can then slide the heat packs into your pumping bra to continue heating your breasts while pumping. ⁣
    4. Try doing deep breathing exercises/guided meditation or listen to the Feher relaxation recording. (DM us for the full recording) ⁣
    5. Look at videos and pictures of your baby or watch a funny tv show/scroll through social media. Try not to stare at the pump bottles. ⁣
    6. Massage your breasts before and while pumping. DM us for more info on hands-on pumping.
    7. When your milk flow slows, switch back to stimulation mode on your pump to see if you can stimulate another milk letdown. ⁣
    8. When milk flow slows to a trickle, stop pumping and massage each breast for 1-2 minutes. You can then choose to continue double pumping, single pump (using both hands and the pump on one side and then the other), or hand express to complete the session. ⁣

    Later into your breastfeeding journey, you may notice it takes longer to trigger a letdown. This is common both with a baby at breast and with long-term pumping. What works early on may change over time. Some women report improved results later in lactation after they change to a different pump or use a different flange that fits the breast better.

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